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Genesis Embraces Change in 2020

Where shall we start? Genesis is growing! Here's some bullet points for those of you who prefer to not read much!

(Speaking of growing we have a gardening class coming up soon!)

Here we go!

· Shawna and Clint Heidenreich stepped down from their long commitment to Genesis in December of 2019 in hopes of moving to Texas.

· Ashley Colgate was hired as Executive Director in December 2019 fulfilling a long-time desire to support single-mothers.

· Jildi Gentry stepped down as our House Mom in late 2019 and continues to care for the mission of supporting single mothers.

· Cassandra Green was added to the team as our Residential Facilitator (former title House Mom) in January 2020. She brings a heart to serve and extensive knowledge of single parenting and programming.

· We added a prayer team! Please feel free to join us the 4th Saturday of each month at 10:00 am.

· We are expanding this ministry through relational sponsorships to add 3 more families to the program. Our target date to add these families to our home is June 2020.

· We have added new classes and volunteers to include Financial Peace University, Empowered to Connect parenting, gardening, sewing and more on the way.

· We are moving toward community-based classes to allow more women in the community access to what we offer.

What we are looking for help with!

o Marketing intern to help with online communication, consistent message & branding.

o Grant Writer

o 3-6 wise women to partner with our residents on their journey.

o 6-10 big/brother and sisters to partner with our resident’s children as a positive roll model.

o Additional Case Manager

o Life skills learning opportunities. Ex. Renter’s rights, self-defense, working mom organization, parent/child activities.

o Additional board members with professional knowledge: case management, counseling, law, growth, biblical etc.


There you go! The long of it in very short form! Exciting times! Please reach out to partner with us!

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