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Plumb Line

Kay Arthur says we ought to study the Word of God because it acts as a plumb line for interpreting scripture and for living the best life!

We believe that here at Genesis!

We also believe that it takes solid plumbing to be safe and run a great program!

We have a significant plumbing need at the Genesis!

We have one apartment that is not habitable (the one with the toilet drain that caused this damage pictured below) and more that are teetering on emergent.

This beautfiul home is 100+ years old!

There are old metal pipes seeping, old cast iron sewer pipes that are soft and there are irreparable drains!

The Board has determined for the long-term future of the home and to provide quality care for the women and children we serve, we need to fix the issue (patching and repair are not feasible any longer). This means removing all the old plumbing and old sewer system and replacing with modern plumbing.

In getting estimates to fix the plumbing and sewer it looks like we will need between $30,000 and $60,000. It is a wide range because no one knows how bad it is or how difficult the project may be. We will be praying against that remodel gremlin and hope this is done with as little time and money as possible!

Consequently, we also will need to move all the ladies and their children out of the house and find temporary housing for them.This project is anticipated to take 4 weeks to complete if all goes well.


You can donate to our lovely plumbing overhaul here!


Please pray for our families, staff, volunteers and contractors as we navigate this time of rebuilding.

We appreciate you all and look forward to sharing how God orchestrates a solution!


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