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Sponsorship Program Has Launched!

Will you help 6 Colorado single-parent families achieve more than they could without you by sponsoring a safe home for them to live in?

The Genesis Project is one giant, old, but renovated house that has 7 apartments (4 one bedrooms and 3 studios). Each apartment has it's own bathroom and kitchen with front entrance from inside the shared hallways.

With your $150.00 monthly gift you will ensure a safe, sober home for an at-risk single mother and her children.

Your monthly sponsorship will provide a little less than half of the cost of housing for your sponsor family. The program fees the women pay monthly cover the rest.

When women and children have a safe, clean home to live in they can then start the in-depth process of healing, growth and success!

Your sponsorship includes connection to the people you are helping!

1- You will receive monthly newsletter updates on your sponsor family’s success and struggles.

2- If desired and approved, you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with your sponsor family and get to know them and their children. You will surely be inspired to hear their stories and be able to watch them grow in a personal way!

3- You will receive personal invites to Genesis family get-togethers.

4- You will receive a special invite to your Genesis family’s graduation ceremony.

We look forward to partnering with you in encouraging success for the women in our community who are ready to commit to the changes needed to improve their lives.


Your gift makes it possible for a whole lot of other awesomeness to take place! Prior to acceptance the women commit to habits and behaviors that make positive change achievable.


Here are a few of those changes!

  1. Sobriety Testing

  2. Case Management

  3. Soul Care

  4. Counseling

  5. Consent to Release of Records

  6. Celibacy (during the program)

  7. Surveillance

  8. Social Media Fast

  9. Financial Regulation and Training

  10. Parenting Classes

  11. Life-Skills Training

  12. Bible Studies

  13. Education and Career Success

  14. Growth

In regard to accountability, there are 3 write-ups for violating the program guidelines. We also have a resident facilitator who lives on site to provide support for all of our residents and weekly meetings with their case manager! If a resident struggles to maintain our standards she receives formal write-ups. On the 3rd offense she will receive a notice of dismissal from our program and is required to move out within 72 hours. This ensures that we continue serving people who want the opportunity to change for the better.


We cant wait to partner with you and share in these amazing women's success stories! Please call or message to sponsor a family today!

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