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       Program Qualifications

We serve  single mothers  who find themselves in difficult life situations but  and are committed to creating a better life.

Examples of  difficult life situations include but are not limited to: living at or below poverty level, homeless, primary care-provider for minors, leaving abuser, needing education, partner in prison long-term, children in foster care in Weld County with possibility of reunification.

These are some of the qualifications we look for:

  • desire to grow

  • ability to live cooperatively in community with others

  • 1 -3 children 12 years of age or younger (pregnancy is 1 child)

  • willingness to attend therapy

  • willing to participate in life-skills classes

  • able to go to school and/ or work

  • desire for economic self-sufficiency

  • willing to remain single

  • able adhere to alcohol, tobacco, vape and marijuana free standards

  • open to faith-based Christian environment

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