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Your Support Ignites Transformation. 

At Genesis Project, we believe in the power of community to uplift and empower single mothers who find themselves at a crossroads, seeking safety, stability, and a brighter future for their families. Whether it helps cover the cost of life skills classes, provides crucial counseling, or keeps the lights on for a family, each donation is a step towards breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse.


Your donation of $15 can fund the development and delivery of our life skills curriculum, providing single mothers with crucial knowledge in areas like budgeting, nutrition, and time management. These classes are foundational to empowering them towards self-reliance and a brighter future.


 Your generous donation of $75 supports our weekly family advocacy program, where single mothers and their families receive ongoing guidance and resources to navigate life's hurdles. This advocacy ensures they have the support system needed to thrive.


A contribution of $35 helps us offer personalized financial and career coaching, guiding single mothers through the complexities of budgeting, debt management, and career planning. This support is vital in helping them secure stable employment and achieve financial independence.


A donation of $125 covers the monthly utility bills for one family at Genesis, ensuring they have a warm, safe, and comfortable home. This support removes a financial burden, allowing mothers to focus on their education and career goals without worry.


With a $60 donation you can provide a month of professional counseling for a single mother, offering her the emotional and psychological support needed to overcome challenges and build a resilient, healthy future for herself and her children.

Give Any Amount

All contributions are welcomed and will be put towards our mission of helping single mothers.

Together, we can offer more than hope; we provide a tangible path to self-sufficiency and renewed hope. Your generosity ensures that every mother and child who turns to us can embark on a journey of healing, growth, and lasting success. Help us offer a lifeline to those in need by donating today.

Donation Methods

Ways to Support the Genesis Project


In Person

Contact Us to Arrange an In-Person Donation


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.


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