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2023 Annual Letter to Contributors

Friends of Genesis, 

You are receiving this letter because you have attended an event, volunteered, or are an investor in the Genesis Project of Northern Colorado. And although you support our work, I’ve realized you might not have a clear picture of how we operate.  Therefore, I’m using this letter as an opportunity to tell you more about our program.

Every week, we are contacted by women who fill out the intake form on our website. These women are most often referred by the United Way or county social services, but sometimes, they’ve heard about Genesis on Facebook or from a friend.  Although their stories may differ, they are all single mothers who need stable housing.  Most of our participants have experienced domestic violence and/or substance abuse.  They are the invisible homeless, often staying in a shelter or temporarily with family or a friend.

Over 100 women inquired about the Genesis program in 2023.  Those who are a good fit for our program are asked to fill out a longer application, interviewed, and placed on our waiting list. 

Once space is available, the family moves into a fully furnished one-bedroom or studio apartment. Volunteers stock these apartments with the proper furniture, kitchenware, and linens, given the ages and number of children in the family.

The priority for first 90 days a participant spends at Genesis is stability. They get settled in their apartment, meet with our counselor and family advocate, and participate in community dinners and chores. This is a time for them to secure childcare, benefits, and start thinking about their future.

After 90 days, if the participant and Genesis staff deem the program a good fit, the mom enters Phase One. During Phase One, a mom continues all the tasks from the stability phase plus additional classes which are taught by volunteers. These classes are Soul Care, Roundtables Parenting, Crown Financial, Career Direction, Good Boundaries and Goodbyes, and Healthy Habits.

During this time, participants also choose a career path and decide whether to pursue full-time work or full-time school during Phase Two.  As they progress through Phase Two, they continue to receive support through the family advocate, counselor, and budget and career coaches.

Last year, 9 single mothers and 14 children lived at Genesis. Although we’d love for each participant to progress through every phase, the work we do is deep and not wide. Therefore, we measure success life changes, not numbers.

Some of this year’s celebrations:

  • One mom got a full-time job with benefits and was able to move into an apartment on her own.

  • Two moms were reunified with their children through the court system because they had stable housing at Genesis.

  • Two moms purchased cars, giving them freedom to work and drive their kids to school.

In 2023, Genesis also had successes as organization. We added 5 new board members, each bringing an important skill set and perspective to the group. We finished a huge capital project – rewiring the entire house and installing new heating/cooling units, and smoke and CO2detectors. We received two grants to help fund our programming.

As 2024 approaches, the board and staff are asking the question, “How can we empower more single mothers?”  The answer may involve program adjustments, more housing, or something we haven’t yet considered.  We are excited about the possibilities and cannot overstate the importance of supporters like you.

It takes a multitude of prayer warriors, investors, teachers, maintenance volunteers, coaches, event staff, and mentors to run the Genesis Project and I’m continuously thankful for the faithful servants who choose to share their resources with us. There are many worthy nonprofits, and we are honored that you trust us with your time and talent.

As you plan your year-end giving or first fruits offering, we ask that you consider the Genesis Project of Northern Colorado. You can send a check to the address below, click the donate button at, or scan the QR code below. Every single contribution makes a difference.

Thank you for being a vital part of our community and for standing alongside us in our mission of empowering single mothers in their pursuit of a new beginning. Together, we can continue to impact the lives of vulnerable women and children.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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